Crossing Rubicon - No Less Than Everything

Crossing Rubicon No Less Than Everything cover
Crossing Rubicon
No Less Than Everything
Pavement Entertainment
At first, I thought that Crossing Rubicon was another modern rock/metal band due to the label that they’re under. As this modern shit ain’t my thing, I approached this release very skeptically till I listened to the first track “Tomorrow Never Comes”. I had to double check if I had put the right track on the player cuz this was nowhere near the thing that I had in mind!
I was very content to discover that Crossing Rubicon plays heavy metal with various 80s & 90s references and hard & heavy, hard rock and (a few) alternative rock/metal elements. Hence, they’re not a “retro” act neither a modern one… I’d say that they stand in-between those two music movements of today. Their sound is a bit “dry” & “thrifty” but also heavy & punchy.
Crossing Rubicon started in 2009 and follows the “old-school” metal path with heavy riffs, guitar solos & great vocals but with a modern twist. They do add their contemporary touch from time to time but they mostly address the metalheads of the previous decades rather than the modern ones that think heavy metal is today’s modern/core/shitbag music. I could mentions some bands like Judas Priest, Megadeth, Metallica, Queensryche, Alice In Chains, Iron Maiden and so on, as their main influences but with a fresh & updated sound. For instance, the impressive “The Fallen” brought the “glorious Queensryche days” in my mind, “Who’s Gonna Save You” reminded me a bit of Alice In Chains and “Violent Carson” woke up memories of the 90s Megadeth era. At this point I must say that Scotty Anarchy has a wonderful voice which fits this kind of music perfectly. I should also say that Jeanne Sagan (ex-All That Remains) is the band’s bassist. Jeanne’s participation in the band has probably confused some fans of All That Remains, who most probably thought Crossing Rubicon would be another metalcore/modern shit act, but thankfully their doubts vanished as soon as they found out that this wasn’t another “pissed-off band” for teenagers!
Apart from everything, “No Less Than Everything” is a superb debut album by a band that’s not afraid to blend the three metal decades (80s, 90s, 00s) into their music. Those who are fond of heavy metal music of the old days but with a contemporary twist should better check ‘em out. In all honesty, we do need acts like Crossing Rubicon in a time where (extreme) modern music trends have taken the lion’s share of our beloved metal music…