Collibus - The False Awakening

Collibus The False Awakening cover
The False Awakening
Independent Release
Collibus are coming from Manchester, UK and even though this is their debut album, the band’s members have been around the scene for quite some time. Especially the female singer Gemma Fox & the lead guitarist Stephen Platt who are also members of DamageScape. I happened upon DamageScape a few months ago and I was pretty amazed by those. Then Collibus came to my view, which are more progressive musically, but not totally different. In a few words, Collibus can be described as a classic metal, heavy metal, prog metal & melodic metal amalgam. Did I confuse you with all these tags? Well, I do not like music tags too so better listen to the band yourself and draw your own conclusions.
What strikes from the very first listen is the amazing musicianship and Gemma’s “peculiar” & powerful voice. They do not try to overdo it with their technical skills but they keep the essence of metal music on their songwriting. Heavy, melodic, atmospheric, vigorous, technical & progressive. Certainly, you won’t find the typical verse-chorus-verse-chorusx4 song structure here. Only two tracks are long. “Leave It All Behind” is about 7:30 minutes and “Spite” is around 9. The other 11 (plus one intro) tracks are between 4 & 6:30 minutes thing which makes the total running play of the album around 69 minutes! A long album for the prog metal fans but not so easy to “digest” by the average metalhead. It needs time and repeated listens. The production is a tad “sharp” but heavy & punchy overall.
Definitely, tracks like: “The Fallen”, “Hollow”, “Dead Inside”, “The Hunted” & “Insurrection” are to a certain extent more straightforward and can introduce the band to a larger audience. Personally, I think that “Break the Silence” is the actual gem of the album. An atmospheric song, with acoustic parts, heavy themes, melodic passages and esoteric harmonies.
Collibus has got what it takes to make it, but things will be even harder for them now. Another weird thing is that no music label has grabbed them (till now) but I think that this is a matter of time. Anyway “The False Awakening” is an independent release but it has nothing to be jealous of the major releases. None could have guessed it if they didn’t know. Needless to say, many releases by big or small labels do not have the quality and the supremacy that this album has. The band is also ready to take part in some big festivals this summer (Download Festival is one of them). They are working their way to success, that’s obvious! Of course, there’s room for improvement and progress and that’s the good thing with Collibus. Just bear in mind that this is just the beginning. Collibus has the potential & the guts to go further. After all, who can disagree with the great Brian May who said that it’s impossible to ignore them?!