City Of The Weak - Pulling Teeth

City Of The Weak Pulling Teeth cover
City Of The Weak
Pulling Teeth
Independent Release
Minneapolis based rock group City Of The Weak has put out 2 very well received EP’s and 3 singles. With this early success, they’ve had, the next question is naturally “when will you make your first full length album?”. Well that question has been answered and put to bed. On June 22 City of the Weak released their first full length ten track album “Pulling Teeth”.
For those that aren’t familiar with City Of Te Weak, they are made up of Stef with an F, the lead vocalist, Cody Hoffman on bass guitar, and Brent Lindblad the guitarist. Their sound is fresh and infectious. While they definitely have their own roots, what’s great is they have spun that into their own unique sound at such an early point in their career.
When I listened to the entire album, I had to go back and listen to the whole thing again immediately. For a first full length release, I was surprised as to just how good this album really is. The experience that City Of The Weak has had in their previous efforts and all the touring they’ve done really shines through on this album! This is a very well-crafted record. The first thing that will always impress in any City Of The Weak song is Stef’s vocals. She has a perfectly polished melodic voice that just leaps out at you. When she hits the high notes, it’s a knockout punch for sure. Just like any other group, it needs more to deliver the goods and they do with Brent Lindblad and Cody Hoffman rounding out the band. They make their presence felt throughout the album. Their guitar and bass work not only provide a rock-solid bed for Stef’s vocals, but in their own rights they help to weave elements of pop, alternative, and modern rock into a fresh exciting sound.
The album kicks off with two rockers “Like I Do” and “Trust Nobody”, both songs really have great energy and nice undercurrent of angst to push them along. “Glad You Could Make It” is up next. I can see this song being a hit at any of the City Of The Weak concerts for sure. The fourth song “Not This Time” is also the first video to be released from “Pulling Teeth” as well. My favorite track is the one up next “Censor This”. This song is a battle cry for sure and will get a crowd jumping in a heartbeat. Things start to get moody with “Ungrateful” and “Drag Us Under”. But it’s not a bad thing; it’s a nice shift in direction. Brent Linblad really makes his presence felt on “Drag Us Under” with some muscular guitar work and that should help it get plenty of airplay. The last two vocal tracks are “Drop the Anchor” and “Suffer Like Me”. With “Suffer Like Me” having a nice synth track running through it to along with some nice clean guitar work from Brent to help with the mood of the song. “Pulling Teeth”, the final track of the album, is an instrumental outro.
All in all, this is a very impressive first full-length album. The band should be proud of their first full-length effort. Producer Craig Owens did a masterful job of balancing all the elements in the band. With the pop sensibilities, the alt/hard rock edge and Stef’s brilliant vocals this album should do great as there is nothing like this out there right now.