Citizen Charlie - Up Yours

Citizen Charlie
Up Yours
Rocksector Records/Drugstore Records
Citizen Charlie is a female-fronted rock band from Oslo, Norway (a big variety of rock/metal bands have been coming from Norway over the past decade), that was born out of Charlie’s Drugstore ashes, which was the previous band of the singer Charlie Forsberg. In 2008, Citizen Charlie released their self-titled debut and a couple of years later, in 2010, they released “Up Yours”. Now, this album is being re-released through Rocksector Records/Drugstore Records.
The guys play rock & roll music, with some punk/rock elements mostly influenced by the late 70s/early 80s… as they seem to fancy bands/artists like The Runaways, Joan Jett, Lita Ford etc. Charlie’s voice is a mix of Joan Jett and Courtney Love with a little bit of Lita Ford & Cherie Currie. They do have a more UK/US sound rather than a Scandinavian one… and the production is “raw” and rocking as the whole music has a retro mood.
This is actually a pleasant album that has some nice songs like: “Until The Day”, “All In All”, “So What To Do”, “Out OF This World”, “Watch You Die”, “So You Think” & “Faith No More”. It’s obvious that the notes Charlie feels more comfortable singing, are those in the middle… for her voice is mostly powerful. There are a few things that can improve so as to present a better album in the future and they’ve got the potential to do so. I’m, already, waiting for the new Citizen Charlie album…