Chris Thompson - Berlin Live & Live at the Colos-Saal

Chris Thompson
Berlin Live & Live at the Colos-Saal
Gonzo Multimedia
Chris Thompson is an English vocalist/musicians that was raised in New Zealand and became mostly know through Manfred Mann’s Earthband when he succeeded Mick Rogers in 1976. Chris also released several solo albums, especially during the 80s and participated in other well-known musician works such as: Gary Moore, Elton John, John Parr, John Farnham, Mike Oldfield, Alan Parsons, Bonnie Tyler, Steve Hackett & Steelhouse Lane among others.
This new work is a double CD plus a bonus DVD from a live radio concert (Radio Berlin) and a previous rehearsal and concert that took place in Aschaffenburg at the Colos-Saal. The Berlin radio concert is just as it came from the radio transmission and such is the complete concert: as fans heard it on the radio. I hadn’t heard it at the time it was on but the quality, the performances and the band’s attitude is vibrant generally. There are plenty of songs to hear (mostly) from the Manfred Mann’s Earthband era as well as a few others from his solo albums, including the hit “You’re the Voice” which he had also co-written and was firstly presented by the Australian vocalist John Farnham. The live show is as enjoyable as it can be, it has a very good sound in general and will give a clue to all those who weren’t able to listen to it on the radio back in the day.
The DVD contains only 7 tracks from the Colos-Saal and 4 with special guests Dexheim (FanCam). The whole concert was bound to be released, but due to a major problem with the digital sound of the recording only 7 songs were usable in the end. Moreover, a discovered problem with the moving camera made that camera's material unusable. The guys did their best to save what they could from this concert. They also left the interviews they had done before the show just to give a hint of what was lost in terms of songs & enthusiasm. Chris is backed by a full band which includes Mads Eriksen on guitar, Gunnar Bjelland on keys, Frank Hovland on bass with Szolt Meszaros on drums for the Berlin concert and Steinar Krokstad on drums & Dirk Naessens on violin on the Aschaffenburg Remains - Live at the Colos-Saal - material.
Overall, this 2CD plus DVD package is actually very good and I’m sure the guys that attended the show that night should have it on their collection. As for the others… if you do like Chris Thompson & Manfred Mann’s Earthband then there’s no way not to revel in this very beautiful release.