Braindamage - The Downfall

Braindamage The Downfall cover
The Downfall
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Braindamage is an Italian thrash band that might have been on since the 90s and have some six album & an EP, but are not all that well know, when compared with many other Italian extreme acts, which is quite a pity as their riffy thrash is not bad at all, despite being a bit monotonous. They have sort of taken on a few more modern cues, not to the point of evading the genre, but definitely they have a few post elements.
In “The Downfall” the band is basing the album’s concept on the novel “Kahlenberg, the Queen in Red and other tales”, written by Andrea their bassist/vocalist and founder of the band. The story is about some power agents, who fight for the conquest of the world during one thousand years since 1066 in different places of the Earth. The last one of these agents permits to the mysterious Red Empress (or Queen in Red) to start the conquest of the planet, starting from Turin through a thermonuclear war. Ehm, a quite fantasy-indulgent scenario, but with all the shit currently going on… it could also be used as a cautionary tale…
The style is quite reminiscent of Realm, Testament and Slayer in their later years, a hybrid between all that with the album working best as a “whole” so that they story can be followed. The production is appropriate and the effort of the band valiant, but I strongly doubt that an effort 28 years in their career, will make a hell of a difference in the way they’re perceived…