post-thrash metal

Braindamage - The Downfall

Braindamage is an Italian thrash band that might have been on since the 90s and have some six album & an EP, but are not all that well know, when compared with many other Italian extreme acts, which is quite a pity as their riffy thrash is not bad at all, despite being a bit monotonous. They have sort of taken on a few more modern cues, not to the point of evading the genre, but definitely they have a few post elements.

Braindamage to release “The Downfall” on April 18th, 2016

The new Braindamage album titled “The Downfall” will be released on April 18th 2016, via My Kingdom Music.

Seven years after their last work, Braindamage return with their most futurist, abrasive and visionary output of their 28 years career appealing to that growing audience that during the last decade makes great Post-Thrash Metal scene.