Brain Dead - Menace from the Sickness

Brain Dead Menace from the Sickness cover
Brain Dead
Menace from the Sickness
Punishment 18 Records
Thrash metal is having a second youth this decade. After having worshipped their thrash metal 80s idols many youngsters have decided to form a band and play like their idols. That ain’t bad at all but here’s where confusion comes. I mean it’s OK to have been influenced by and worship some 80s great thrash metal bands but it ain;t good to emulate them. The 80s are gone for good. Most of those great 80s thrash metal bands are a shadow of themselves. So, do we need a bunch of imitators longing to be the next Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and so on? I specifically do not care. The younger generation thinks it’s funny to wear tight jeans, Nike trainers, band t-shirts and have long hair… it’s a simulation of what it used to be… but in a comic way. None of the young bands will ever reach their idols for one and only reason. They copy & paste their riffs, attitude, music and style. So damn easy. They do not even care to make their own way and do something different. That’s fine by me.
Brain Dead are falling in that category (as every young thrash metal band today) even though they have worked hard on their songs. They seem to love the Bay area thrash even though they come from Italy. This is their sophomore album almost 5 years after their debut. They have improved in several parts but still it is impossible to claim they sound original or something like that.
Possibly, some new guys that were never into thrash metal will fancy the new wave of thrash metal music, but for a guy like me who’s not 20 anymore and has seen the glorious days of thrash metal, bands like Brain Dead will always be several steps below my standards. The guys are OK but I prefer the original and the genuine ones and so do they I envisage…