Bloody Hammers - Lovely Sort of Death

Bloody Hammers Lovely Sort of Death
Bloody Hammers
Lovely Sort of Death
Napalm Records
Bloody Hammers appear to be an American duo that often extends their membership to facilitate live performances. Their style is a cold electro-gothic with deep vocals that would seem to owe a lot of bands and artists as diverse as Him, Chris Isaak, The Mission and Roxy Music. Thick Moog synthesis complements fuzzy guitar tones in a production so reverbed it creates a sound to dark, wet and viscous one could easily get stuck into…
This is the band’s third attempt and it will probably be something that fans of The Mission crossed with the heavier moments of Him (yeah I know – sounds ironic) would appreciate. It’s definitely more minimalist, than either of the aforementioned, stylistically and vocally closer to the former while structurally more in tune with the latter.
“Bloodletting on the Kiss” sort of tricks you into believing this is a “safe” and smooth album, but stuff like “Stoke the Fire” that is reminiscent of Incubus Succubus more spirited attempts or the deranged and sick “Messalina” are good examples of the diversity on offer here. A deluxe edition adds another 4 tracks and fans of moody/gothic stuff will hardly feel disappointed.