Black Tide - Chasing Shadows

Black Tide Chasing Shadows cover
Black Tide
Chasing Shadows
Pavement Entertainment
Miami residents, Black Tide were signed to a semi-major label (Interscope) when frontman Gabriel Garcia was only 15 years old and released a couple of albums under them, that didn’t really catapult them into superstardom, hence were shown the door.
Typical tattooed up pretty boys of the Asking Alexandria variety, these guys are a bit more melodic and surely more talented when it comes to their guitar playing, more Trivium, than Bullet For My Valentine with slight hints of A7X.
Their new company tries to convince us that they combine early influences of speed and thrash metal (excuse me?!) with the modern element of post-hardcore... haha, OK it’s a pop-punk-harcore hybrid, with just edgier and better played guitars that can solo, that’s about it…
Their style is not that annoying, because their chops allow them to keep things interesting enough, with the occasional solo, but the super “sugarcoated” vocals and the whole punk-poppiness take away several point from their “metal” cred… (Reading the press release – they solidified their place as one of metal’s elite bands….. Hehehehe, OK sure, thanks for making me laugh – whoever wrote that press blurb...)