Black Mountain - IV

Black Mountain IV cover
Black Mountain
Black Mountain return to the scene after a 6-year hiatus with their new album “IV”. As the title proclaims this is the band’s fourth full-length studio album. The new album marks their return to their roots especially after their previous “Wilderness Heart”, which left their long-time fans kinda torn. “IV” is closer to the band’s style which made them known in their homeland and not only. Moreover, longtime bassist Matthew Camirand left the band and was replaced by Arjan Miranda (S.T.R.E.E.T.S, Children, and The Family Band) on the album. Arjan couldn’t tour with the band so he was replaced by bassist Colin Cowan.
The album starts with “Mothers of the Sun”, one of the three longest tracks on the album. This is a psychedelic pop-rock track with an OK guitar riff which is somewhat reminiscent of Black Sabbath. The atmospheric/psychedelic tracks are the ones which work better here, but the other are fine too. The album has a great & clear production, which was done by Randall Dunn, best known for his work with Sunn O))), Earth etc.
“IV” is a fine album on the whole with nice psychedelic parts and a fine 60s/70s atmosphere in general. There are things that could have been better such as the melodies, which are not so memorable and the overall sound that ain’t very original but it is tasteful. Those who fancy the band’s previous works and weren’t that satisfied with their previous album “Wilderness Heart”, will be pleased by “IV” at large.