Biohazard - Reborn In Defiance

Reborn In Defiance
Nuclear Blast
These guys from Brooklyn were one of the first bands that mixed the metal sound with punk attitude (and style) along with some hip-hop influences. The band’s hardcore music with heavy/thrash elements was quite influenced by Anthrax’s renowned song “I'm the Man” (1987)… which, by the way, influenced all the bands that started mixing rap music with metal right after. That was probably a bad joke from Anthrax… but its impact caused many problems and created much trash music.
Anyhow, Biohazard released this album after 7 years of absence… and “Reborn In Defiance” is the first album after 18 years that features the original line up which consists of: Evan Seinfeld bass/vocals, Billy Graziadei - guitars, Bobby Hambel and Danny Schuler – drums… Billy Graziadei – guitars/vocals joined the band soon after and they became a quartet. As long as they finished the recordings of the album Evan left the band, most likely to focus on his career in the adult entertainment. Scott Roberts (bass/vocals) took his place for the UK tour and later on, the band announced that Scott was gonna be a permanent member.
Do not expect any surprises here… the band’s doing what knows to do best… delivering hardcore music with harsh lyrics and a punk-like attitude. I’ve never favored this kind of music… and bands like Biohazard have never been my cup of tea. I do respect them ‘cause they have thousands of fans and they are true to what they do… but honestly, I still cannot hear this music… and I think it has nothing to offer. By the way, the production that was done by Toby Wright (Alice in Chains, Metallica), is kind of weak for my taste… I would prefer it to be a little heavier. Anyway, this album is certainly suggested for the fans of the band that missed the music the original members used to make… they will like it… but this is just one of the same…