Bang Tango - Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt

Bang Tango
Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt
78 Productions
Almost six years since the latest release “From the Hip”…and Bang Tango strikes back with a new album. Joe Leste was also busy with Beautiful Creatures at that time… but as it seems, this chapter is closed (is it finally?).
Following the same recipe… these fellow Americans are still delivering rock & roll music with funky and hard rock features… along with a free party atmosphere. If you are a follower then you already know that this band plays this music from the heart… and they always give the best they can with each new record. There are some nice rockers here, that you will play several times in the future… but there are also some mediocre tunes that have done certain damage to the overall effort. The song :Have You Seen Her” could have been a great power ballad if they hadn’t ripped “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” off… and I still do not get the reason why they did such a thing.. the second part of the song is good though. I think that the best songs here are the opener “Dick In The System”, the funky rocker “Bring On The World”, the party-rock&roller “Live Life” (I wish it didn’t have this awful talking at the beginning), the amazing hit “I Like It” (the best song that BT have delivered in years… a catchy “moody” rocker that will be played for a long time everywhere), the enjoyable “Boom Box Séance” and the free rocker “Drivin”. Joe’s voice still sounds wonderful… he has that characteristic tone that fits hard rock & roll music perfectly.
Overall, it is a nice work from the guys… but honestly I believe that they can do so much better than this. I guess I’ll have to wait for the next album… cuz’ this one is only recommended to the die-hard fans of the band that have been following them faithfully since the late 80s. Nevertheless, do not miss to listen to “I Like It”… anyhow.