Autumn’s Dawn - Gone

Autumn’s Dawn Gone cover
Autumn’s Dawn
Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Autumn’s Dawn are hailing from down under and while they are a newcomer… they can hardly be considered as one since the band consists of two well-known members of the Australian scene.
Sorrow (drums, keys, vox) is no other than Tim Yatras, Germ’s mastermind, who has also participated in various others acts like: Lord, Austere, Dungeon, Grey Waters and so forth. At the time, he is also part of Blackened Angel & Ilium. Anguish (guitar, keys, bass) is Matthew Bell and he is currently playing with Troldhaugen, Bane of Isildur and Rise of Avernus.
The guys released a homonymous EP in April 2014 (which was into black metal musically) and now, after almost 5 months, they have come up with their full-length debut release. “Gone” is a bloody atmospheric album, either way you see it. Tim has always been into atmospheric, melancholic and dark music. This album is not as dark or gloomy as Tim’s other works; neither too depressive nor melancholic. It balances between the darkness and the faint light of dawn. Probably that’s why they are called Autumn’s Dawn and not Autumn’s Eve! Those who keep in pace with Tim’s bands in general will know what to expect as this album blends various music styles, such as alternative rock, atmospheric, post-black metal, post-rock, acoustic rock, gothic & post-punk among others. Tim’s vocals are both clean and extreme according to each track. Well, the extreme vocals are less than most of Tim’s fans might hope for.
Personally, I would prefer “Gone” to be a bit more atmospheric, depressive, melancholic and dim with more screams and extreme backing vocals and fewer rock and alternative elements. Then again, that’s my point of view. In the main, “Gone” is a fine album which features some really good tracks like the homonymous, “Blank Stare, Dead Eyes”, “Through the Rusted Gates of Time” and “When the Sun Sets for the Last Time”. Try it out for yourselves if you’re into this kind of atmospheric post-black metal/rock music…