Anchored - Beneath the Surface

Anchored Beneath the Surface cover
Beneath the Surface
Pavement Entertainment
Anchored is a band from Dallas, TX, which was formed in 2009. They released their debut album “Listen to This” independently in 2012 and now 5 years later, they are back with their new release under Pavement Entertainment.
Anchored is a modern hard rock band that likes to add some southern rock elements to their music as well. Vocalist’s, Brandan Narrell (ex-Advent), kinda “raspy” voice is the main “characteristic” of the band’s sound. To give you an idea of how Anchored sounds, bands like Shinedown, Nickelback, Creed and Stone Temple Pilots among others will cross your mind, while listening to this album. The sound is contemporary and dynamic.
There are tracks here that the modern (hard) rock fans will enjoy a lot. After all, the band knows how to deliver nice melodies in general. I do think that it would be better if it weren’t for the participation of Snoop Dogg in “Throwin’ Down” – I despise all that hip-hop/Rap thing. Anyhow, “Beneath the Surface” is more than a decent album from a band that’s trying to find its place in the scene and they do need your support to do so…