Alpha Wolf - A Quiet Place to Die

Alpha Wolf A Quiet Place to Die cover
Alpha Wolf
A Quiet Place to Die
SharpTone Records
There will be no quiet places to die while you are blowing out your eardrums with Alpha Wolf’s new album “A Quiet Place to Die”.
Right away the band is trying to obliterate you with massive guitars, and super heavy riffs. It doesn’t let up either, it’s heavy on top of heavy the farther you go along into the album. For those unfamiliar with Alpha Wolf, if I were to compare them to others bands, think of it like if Periphery and TesseracT had a baby with Meshuggah.
All the tracks stand out on this album. The ones that stand out the most for me though, are “A Quiet Place to Die”, “Ultra-Violet Violence”, and “Akudama”. They are all heavy hitters and I just can’t pick one favorite. We can’t talk about the tracks though without mentioning “Restricted (R18+)”.
“Restricted (R18+)” is probably the hardest hitting song on the album, and like the rest of the album deals with intense situations. “R18” really brings those issues to the forefront though, issues like sexual abuse/violence, suicide, and murderous ideations. You should definitely check out the music video for this one. Be cautioned though, the video has very intense imagery and shouldn’t be viewed if you are sensitive to those themes that are portrayed in the song.
To wrap this up, this album is fantastic. Super heavy with lyrics that will probably hit home for many people... and the music itself is fantastic.