Alpha Tiger - iDentity

Alpha Tiger iDentity cover
Alpha Tiger
This is the third full-length album for Alpha Tiger which has been a part of the metal scene for only 4 years. Luckily, “iDentity” is somewhat more updated than the previous “Beneath the Surface” in every part. The album’s mixing and mastering has been done by the renowned Tommy Newton (Helloween, Gamma Ray, Conception, Ark, etc.) and as you can guess the production is very good on the whole.
The band follows a more traditional/classic metal path on “iDentity”. Still, their ideas are not that “original” but they are trying hard to present something on their own. They got a long way to go and the first thing they should do is to add their very own “identity” to their music. I know that music trend with the 80s metal bands of our time but if a band wanna achieve something more instead of being an “80s metal clone”, they must filter their 80s metal influences in their own sound and add more personal elements to their music. Mimicking the 80s metal acts is something that almost everyone id doing today and it won’t take them anywhere in the long run.
The guys play well but they lack quite a lot on the songwriting part. Possibly, that can be fixed in time and with more practicing, playing and writing...