Adfail - Unkindness…

Darknagar Records
Undoubtedly, the Russian music scene & market is huge. The bands were left underground and far beyond the other groups of Europe… but it seems that the time to claim equal treatment as their colleagues in Europe and the US has finally come. Russia is a big music place, just like US, and it can, surely, give worth listening music.
Adfail are from Russia… although I couldn’t guess. They follow the European as well as the US metal music tradition. These guys surprised me nicely ‘cuz even though I have listened to many Russian bands lately… I believed that none of them could stand and be at the same level of the European & the US ones. Thankfully, Adfail proved, once again, that there are always exceptions to the rule… whereas I believe that we will have big tsunami of Russian bands in a few years… qualified to claim high level positions among the European and the US ones.
Having been influenced by the great doom/death metal movement of the 90s… and bands like: Anathema (first era), Paradise Lost (first era), My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Draconian, Novembers Doom, Valkiria among others… they’ve added some gothic, melodic, dark & atmospheric elements to their music… presenting something beautiful and enjoyable at long last. They retain a balance in their music… the acoustic/piano melodies & the clean and extreme vocals and the heavy, doom metal guitars are blending nicely here. They have the appropriate musical personality, while they do not “steal” or “borrow”… although they’re moving among the safe paths the above-mentioned bands showed throughout the years. The production is very good… even though it has some “underground” smell (especially in the drums)… but with the help from a known producer like Jens Bogren, that thing will be fixed in the next time-period.
I would definitely keep an eye on this band in the future for they have the potential to deliver even more wonderful gloomy, melodic, atmospheric & doom/death metal music in the next years. “Unkindness…” will give big smiles to all the fans of this genre… Adfail have just done the first, successful, step… I just hope they will keep it up… and becoming better with each new work…