Absolute Priority - Hunter

Absolute Priority
Revalve Records
Absolute Priority originally started out as a study-project between the singer Valerio Voliani (ex-Icycore) and the guitarist Federico Morella (ex-Celephais) in 2005. Having the need to evolve, they started searching for the right guys to form the band. After that, they started working on their debut album that was finally entitled “Hunter”.
“Hunter” is a concept album that deals with the last moments of a death row serial-killer, Alan, and his confession to a Priest. The serial-killer’s flashbacks are divided in 11 tracks and last about 59 minutes. Intensive, atmospheric, dark, frantic & emotional instants are passing by, while Alan is narrating all those incidents. The instrumental tracks are there to add a different mood to the story that Alan tells.
Musically, Absolute Priority are blending progressive metal with heavy-power, symphonic, melodic, (a few) theatrical and atmospheric elements. Taking inspiration by great acts such as Queensryche, Fates warning, Kamelot, Vanden Plas, Pain of Salvation, IQ, Shadow Gallery & Threshold among others, AP have created their own music without tryin’ to steal and copy music ideas or themes. That’s something very positive as most prog metal bands of our time are only copying the big bands of the 80s impudently. All the performances are wonderful and Valerio will bring the eminent Geoff Tate on your mind, when he could actually sing though. The production is quite good, although it could have been a big heavier on the guitars and a tad tighter but those are a bunch of things that can be taken care of in the future.
Absolute Priority are introducing themselves to the prog metal scene with a very good album that’s creating higher expectations for the future to come. From this point the only way to go should be higher by growing bigger and becoming more known with each new album. They should not make the mistake and let up, not for a sec, for they won’t be able to overcome it later. If they stay focused and try even harder, without letting things uncontrolled, then they can achieve some great things. So, if you’re into prog metal music then do not hesitate to taste “Hunter”…