Abrahma - Reflections in the Bowels of a Bird

Abrahma Reflections in the Bowels of a Bird cover
Reflections in the Bowels of a Bird
Stone Records
Abrahma is a band which comes from France. Their debut album “Through the Dusty Paths of Our Lives” was released in 2012 and now they are back with their sophomore release.
Abrahma’s music is an amalgam of heavy rock, stoner, psychedelic rock, atmospheric & doom metal with some grunge passages here & there. The traditional heavy doom riffs blend with psychedelic atmospheric themes and things slow down quite a bit. The production is a bit “fuzzy” – exact for this kind of music. The album was recorded by Benjamin Colin at Hakesound Studios, mixed by Eric Hoegemeyer at Tree Laboratory, except for “Conium”, which it was mixed by Benjamin Colin at Hakesound Studio. The production was done by Abrahma & Thomas Bellier and the mastering by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio Labs. There’s also two guest appearances on the album by Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet, The Atomic Bitchwax), who plays the guitar solos on “A Shepherd’s Grief” and Vincent Dupuy, who plays the saxophone on “Omens Pt. 2”.
“Reflections in the Bowels of a Bird” is a decent album for the most part… an album which addresses exclusively the fans of the genre. It’s hard for such albums to reach a wider audience since they lack memorable melodies and their whole music direction is somewhat abstract. The atmospheric & the psychedelic parts are very good and they should probably look at that direction for the future. Anyhow, if you’re a fan of the specific music genre have a listen yourself and judge on your own whether this band fits your musical taste or not…