8th Sin - Cosmogenesis

8th Sin
Soulseller Records
Originally envisioned to be released in 2006, the third part of 8th Sin’s trilogy, “Cosmogenesis” finally saw the light of day six years later, in 2012! The band consists of the frontman IT (Vondur, Ophthalamia, Abruptum, War), Michael Bohlin (Pain) on guitars/programming, Johan Husgafvel (Pain) on bass and Zacharias Ahlvik on drums. There’s quite many guest appearances by known members of the metal scene such as: Joacim Cans, Pontus Norgren, Peter Tagtgren, Joacim Thenander, Magnus Lundkvist, Catherine Forsberg, Eric Rivers, Martin Boman, Anders Olsson, PM Saari, Ira Keelyn, Alexandra Balogh, Kimmy Bohlin & Joacim Lundberg.
Balancing between industrial & modern metal, with additional cyber, pseudo-gothic, atmospheric & EMB (hardly any) elements, “Cosmogenesis” is trying to sound more dogged & pompous than it manages to be. The main problem with this album is the lack of nice ideas and melodies. Everything is rather flat, with no ups & downs. It’s like a big downfall with no ending. Along comes the heavy but sorta hollow production, which is not bad though.
I was hoping to hear a fairly interesting album as soon as I played “Cosmogenesis”, especially judging by the names that participate in it, but this release was a damp squib. Even the covers on “Walking in My Shoes” (Depeche Mode) & “Black Metal” (Venom) are not working well here. I do not know why the guys didn’t go along with their capabilities… but I’m sure they can come back with a better release in the future.