7HY - Stories We Tell

7HY Stories We Tell cover
Stories We Tell
Lions Pride Music
Drummer Alan Kelly (ex-Shy) returns with the sophomore release of his new band 7HY. I know that the band’s name will remind you of the almighty SHY but that’s no secret as Alan told me, since his best days were when he played with Shy. Anyhow, Alan has moved on and he also found a great singer in the face of Shawn Pelata (ex-Line Of Fire) and the puzzle was somewhat complete. Alan (as he did on the debut “No Place in Heaven) has played the majority of the instruments (drums, guitars, bass, synth) and has penned all the tracks as well.
The album features some guest appearances by Alan’s family members plus some other well-known musicians – analytically: Dave Martin (Marshall Law) on lead guitar, Pete Fry (Farcry) on lead guitar, Calle Hammer (Houston) on lead guitar, Danny Beardsley (Emperor Chung) on lead guitar, Eliot Kelly on lead guitar, Paul Kelly on lead guitar, Martin Walls on bass, Tom Dwyer (Marshall Law) on bass and Robyn Kelly on duet vocal on “Driving Me Crazy”. Alan made all the song arrangements at his own studio in Looe, Cornwall England along with the help of mix engineer Andrew Chick (who’s based in Wales). The production is powerful, tight and rockin’ in general.
Musically, “Stories We Tell” features tracks for everyone’s taste… both for the AOR lovers and the hard rockin’ ones. I fancy the fact that both Alan & Shawn are giving the apt importance on the track melodies and hooklines, since that’s what rock music is all about. Every track tells a specific story and you’ll read all about it on the thorough interview I had both with Shawn & Alan. Tracks like “One More Day”, “Only Human”, “Church”, “Broken Man”, “Driving Me Crazy” (especially the bonus duet mix), “Wasn’t Always Like This” and “Sweet Sensation” are some of the best melodic (hard) rock songs you’re gonna listen to this year. I must also note that all the guitar leads are exceptional… you do not get to hear so great guitar solos in one album, especially nowadays. I think now is the time for 7HY to become more known and successful among the rock community… after all, “Stories We Tell” is a wonderful melodic hard rock album on the whole…