The Unripes signs with Street Symphonies Records

Hard rockers The Unripes inked a deal with Street Symphonies Records to release their first album "This Is Not America", available from autumn 2012 and distributed by Andromeda Dischi.
"Axia" - vocals (DNR)
Michele "Mike P." Pelillo - guitar
Uncle Sappa - bass (Midnite Sun, Sutuana)
Sevens - drums (Trick Or Treat)
The band offers a combination of 80's glam/hard rock and modern metal that it itself describes as sleaze core: this bursting mix is well-represented by "Reload", the first extract from the debut album, whose videoclip collected more than 11000 views in a few months.
"Born as a "One-Night-Only Band" in the middle of 2005, The Unripes is a Sleaze-Core Metal band from Modena (northern Italy). This "One Night-only Band" is still alive and those kids, after so many crazy stories, are going to release their 1st album this year. 
"This Is Not America" is gonna be a brutal mix of growlin' guitars and strong melodies , where Rock n Roll and Heavy Metal melt down together into a stylish groove".