Out of Decay - Arising Of Lost Souls out now

Out of Decay is a dedicated band from Rhineland- Palatinate. The six guys really know how to push the pulse of the fans. After many shows with famous bands of the scene (such as Agnostic Front, Stick To Your Guns, We Butter The Bread With Butter, etc...) and an EP, OUT OF DECAY unleashed their debut album "Arising Of Lost Souls" in March 2012.
With "Arising Of Lost Souls" OUT OF DECAY will show that Metalcore can be different. Typically powerful guitars, brutal shouts and fierce drums mixed with soulful vocals and melodic playing have a special place in the well thoughtful songwriting.
This combination also shows his effect at live shows. The music is more than just a hobby for the band members. At every show the fans feel the passion and the emotions over and over again. In addition to the impressive sound, this is one of the reasons why the people are completely swept away at every performance. With these performances the band creates unique and epic moments with their friends and fans.
With their promising debut album "Arising Of Lost Souls" German troup OUT OF DECAY will show that Metalcore can be different!
1. Intro
2. Awakening Of A New Era
3. Society Of Death
4. Builder Of Destruction
5. Rewind The Time
6. Voices
7. Revenge
8. A Perfect Memory
9. War
10. Dissipated Life
11. Masquerade
Bastian - Vocals
Nils - Shouts
Mike - Guitar
Kay - Guitar
Tobi - Bass
Manu - Drums