North Of South to release debut album “New Latitudes” on September 28th 2018

North Of South New Latitudes cover
Spain's North Of South proposes a not-easy-to-classify metal that could be labeled as Progressive Metal with Jazz, Death, Pop and Latin influences.

Founded by guitarist Chechu Gómez (aka “Chechu Nos”), this project springs up from the challenge to blend and amalgamate some elements and influences, apparently so dissimilar, such as At The Gates' melodic punch, Carlos Santana's hispanic sounds, Opeth's compositional deepness, The Police's rich substrate-Pop, Anathema's emotional power and Kate Bush's chameleonic intention.

Similarly, the heterogeneous literary influence of authors of the calibre of Jorge Luis Borges, Orson Scott Card and William Shakespeare surfaces from the tunes of “New Latitudes”, that, conceptually, gravitates around subjects like the enigma of time, the greatness of human condition and its limits facing the Universe, and our own personal contradictions.

“North Of South is a different kind of metal”...

“New Latitudes” has been recorded at Zoilo Unreal’s studios (Marín, Spain), a consolidated name on the Spanish extreme metal scene, involved in bands like Unreal Overflows, The Anthagonist and Unhuman Nature and is set to be released worldwide on September 28th, 2018.

The video for the first single “Human Equation” can be seen below.

Pre-order “New Latitudes” here.

1. The Human Equation
2. Nobody Knows
3. Balanced Paradox
4. Before We Die
5. Crystal Waters
6. There’s No Glamour kn Death
7. Time Will Tell
8. Faith is Not Hope
9. Montreux