Mind Key signs with Frontiers Music Srl and announces new album “MK III - Aliens in Wonderland”

Mind Key band pic
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of Mind Key, whose new album “MK III - Aliens in Wonderland” is planned for release in 2019.

Mind Key is a progressive metal band formed in Napoli, Italy in 1999 by Dario De Cicco (keyboards) and Emanuele Colella (guitars). The two wanted to create a band that melded the sound of bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Evergrey, and Pain of Salvation with a songwriting approach inspired by '80/'90s hard rock style.

Mind Key issued the album “Journey of a Rough Diamond” in July 2004 on Frontiers. The line-up also included Mark Basile (currently of DGM) on vocals, Raffaele Castaldo on bass, and Andrea Stipa on drums. The band played various gigs in support of the album’s release, including shows with Dream Theater, Vision Divine, and Pendragon, among others. Mind Key then began recording their second album, “Pulse for a Graveheart”. Released in 2009, the album saw the band simplifying their songwriting and introducing new singer Aurelio Fierro. Fierro was able to showcase his immense vocal potential on the album, which can be described as a powerful mix of Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale, and Jorn Lande.

“Pulse for a Graveheart” - out via Frontiers - grew the band’s fanbase. MK toured for many shows to support the album and played live with awesome bands like Edguy, Vanden Plas, Europe and Hammerfall. But unfortunately, life got in the way and it was necessary to wait a few years before Mind Key could regroup. When they were able to reconvene, it was with new members: bassist Lucio Grilli (ex-Soul Secret) and drummer Mirko De Maio (The Flower Kings, Hangarvain). Work commenced on the writing and recording for their new record then.

Keyboardist Dario De Cicco says: “I think "MK III - Aliens in Wonderland" can be considered our most mature album. Songwriting is more melodic, hooks are stronger, and the album is more song-oriented than ever. However, we certainly have not forgotten about our beloved instrumental interweaving, in perfect prog-metal style! This is the key third album, and I am confident this record will bring us back with our best musical material ever”.

Guitarist Emanuele Colella adds: “I think that we have finally found our sound and path. In terms of genre, heaviness and melody, this album is, in my opinion, a balanced mix and a fine link of the previous ones. If I should define it, I would call it like melodic prog metal with a strong hard rock flavour”.

The label tentatively plans to release the album in the early summer of 2019.

Elio Fierro Jr.: Vocals
Dario de Cicco: Keyboards
Emanuele Colella: Guitars
Lucio Grilli: Bass guitar
Mirkko De Maio: Drums