Mantar have set to release their new album “Ode to the Flame” on April 15th 2016

Mantar band pic
Northern Germany's infernal extreme metal duo Mantar have announced the worldwide release date for the band's forthcoming album: “Ode to the Flame” will be out on April 15th, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

Commented the band: “The title "Ode to the Flame" is chosen in tradition of the debut record, "Death By Burning" to maintain the cleansing power of fire as the key theme. Fire is able to reset anything and will erase this planet one day from any plague that's been around. Furthermore it's obviously an ode to passion and iron will. "Ode yo the Flame" isn't dramatic, it's drastic. By all means”.

Watch the official in-studio video teaser below.

Ever since their inception in 2013 and the release of their first album in 2014 the band has been recognized as one of the hardest working in the German extreme metal underground. Melting the most sinister elements of styles like black metal, doom and punk, representing unfiltered pure primal rage, Mantar have proven to be one of a kind. Their extremely intense live shows have been seen all over the world and blown away unaware audiences with their extremely tight and brutal performances. MANTAR is pure evil elemental force captured by only two uber passionate artists that strife for ultimate raw sonic power.