Etherius to release new EP “Thread of Life” on August 24th 2018

Etherius Thread of Life EP cover
New Jersey-based progressive metal quartet Etherius was formed by guitarist Jay Tarantino in 2017. After gaining experience as a touring rhythm guitarist for guitar virtuoso Angel Vivaldi, Tarantino decided to branch out on his own with the goal of making music unlike the djent/electronic stylings of the current instrumental guitar scene.

The result is Etherius - a fresh new take on progressive metal/neoclassical shred incorporating the stylings of classic thrash bands such as Megadeth, Testament, and Iced Earth.
Etherius are set to release their stunning debut EP, entitled “Thread of Life”, on August 24th, 2018.

The impressive new five track offering is available for pre-order via Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. You can also stream select tracks now via Spotify.
Watch Etherius deftly shred through their new single, “The Inevitable End”, in an action-packed new music video directed by Eric DiCarlo at SquareUp Studios, below.
Tarantino says: “"The Inevitable End" was one of the first songs written for "Thread of Life". The fast, triplet-based riff in the middle was something I had written years ago, but never found a use for. The idea was to compose a song in which the riffing is relentless but the lead guitars are catchy and melodic. The song really came together once Zaki added his rhythmic ideas with the drum parts”.
While online, check out the band's previously released video for the melodic power-anthem “The Soothsayer” here, which has garnered over 100,000 views since the announcement of the track.
In addition to Jay Tarantino, Etherius features drummer/producer Zaki Ali, bassist Chris Targia, and second guitarist John Kiernan.
The concept of “Thread of Life” and the album's artwork was inspired by ancient Greek mythology. “The Greeks believed that many aspects of a person's life were determined by the three fates, or Moirai (moy-ray) as they were called”, says Tarantino. “The Moirai were three sister goddesses who "spun out" a child's destiny at birth. The sisters determined when life began, when it ended, and the events that occurred throughout one's life. The first sister, Clotho, or spinner, spun the thread, which was a person's life. The second sister, Lachesis, or unbending, measured the thread, which was the length of that life. The third sister, Atropos, meaning inevitable, chose the manner in which life ended, thus cutting the "thread of life". The reason they are depicted as having no eyes on the album cover is because the ancient Greeks described the sisters as "cold" and "unmerciful”.
1. Thread of Life
2. The Soothsayer
3. March and Defy
4. The Inevitable End
5. Lament
“Thread of Life” was produced and engineered by Jay Tarantino and Zaki Ali with Angel Vivaldi acting as co-producer, was recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey (owned by Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Kevin Antreassin), and was mixed/mastered by Mutiny Within vocalist Chris Clancy at Audioworks Productions. Additional tracking was completed with Angel Vivaldi at his home studio.
Tarantino says about the band's writing and recording process: “Whereas a lot of modern bands compose music in pieces, swapping ideas back and forth through email/Dropbox and using modern recording technology to cut and paste it, we write music together in our rehearsal space and arrange the parts as a band. This gives the music a more organic quality that doesn't sound as mechanical or sterile as it does with the former approach. We try to rely on technology as little as possible when composing songs”.
With one listen to “Thread of Life” it's clear that combined, the four extremely talented musicians of Etherius produce a clean, awe-inspiring sound merging powerful progressive elements that will appeal to not only the most discerning and critical metal fans, but to the heavy music-loving masses as well.
Members of Etherius are currently endorsed by Kiesel Guitars, Ernie Ball Music Man, and Reunion Blues.
Live Dates 2018:
7/21 - Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz w/ Angel Vivaldi - 6:00 PM, $15, All Ages - Tickets | Direct Sale
8/4 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft at The Chance Theatre w/ Within The Ruins - 6:00 PM, $15, All Ages - Tickets | Direct Sale