Bornholm signs worldwide deal with Napalm Records

Bornholm band pic
Ever since bursting onto the scene in 2000, Budapest’s Bornholm has been an unstoppable force in the black and pagan metal scene. Touring with household names like Ex Deo, Varg, Arkona and many more, the Hungarian four-piece powerhouse has made a name for themselves with spectacular live shows and four tremendous studio albums.

Now, Bornholm are ready to take their career to another level with leading Austrian metal label Napalm Records as a strong partner by their side!
Listen to Bornholm’s “Primaeval Pantheons” in full below.

Bornholm singer and guitarist Sahsnot about signing to Napalm Records:
“The time has come to bring you some great news. We spent the last two years working harder than ever. In the meantime, the world changed completely, but it had no influence on us at all. We began to work on our next record - we have the toughest, longest and most unforgettable work period behind us. As a result, we have signed with Napalm Records, currently one of the best and strongest record labels. It means huge progress for us and we hope the new record will live up to its hopes. We are really grateful for them as they put their trust in the record and the band. A new era begins in our lives and I think we’ve found our place”.
New music from Bornholm’s upcoming fifth studio album via Napalm Records will be announced soon!
Sahsnot – Guitar/Vocals
Agarez – Guitar
Charun – Bass
D – Drums