Black Ground Project to release new studio album “Blood & Violence” on December 17th 2021

Black Ground Project Blood & Violence cover
German Blackened Death Metal One Man band Black Ground Project has signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for the album “Blood & Violence”, which is due for digital release on December 17th, 2021, worldwide.

Black Ground Project music style:
“I started my journey with listening to music that my big brother has listend to: Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, The Who, Rory Gallagher and Ted Nugent were my first contacts to rock music. AC/DC, Sisters of Mercy to Exodus and Napalm Death are the bands that influenced my music .

Fat rythmic guitars on one side - fast blasting, thin rythm guitar runs on the other. Rythmic, rolling drums meeting blast beats. Grinding growls and screams versus clean guitars, violin, Cello and choir. For me its important to create varius layers in my music, to keep the songs interesting and add some depth into it. You can hear the songs ten times and you will always find something new.

In the loudest noise there are some melodies hidden in the background. It all makes the sound of Black Ground Project”.

You can check out the lyric video for “The Battle Against the Dark Rider” below.

1. Blood & Violence
2. Overtaken Soul
3. Flying Evil
4. Evil Comes Over Me
5. Dark Dragon Rider
6. The Battle Against the Dark Rider

Black Ground Project is a one man band from near Stuttgart. In 2018 he released the first single & video for “A Dream”. In September 2019 the self-produced debut album “ONE” was released. Stylistically the debut was a mix of folk, dark, death and black metal. Afterwards he released some singles and videos in cooperation with different vocalists. With the new album, the journey goes back to the roots. On one side it’s fast, angry and aggressive, on the other side melodic, rhythmic and partly symphonic. All packed into a raw, direct metal sound! Black Ground Project wrote, played, recorded, mixed and mastered itself all the songs in this new album.