Thunder And Lightning - The Ages Will Turn

Thunder And Lightning The Ages Will Turn cover
Thunder And Lightning
The Ages Will Turn
Independent Release
Thunder And Lightning are back after 3 years since their previous album with their brand new release “The Ages Will Turn”. For those who are not aware of the band, I should say that Thunder And Lightning is a heavy metal band from Berlin, which was formed in 2004 and this is their fifth full-length release.
It’s true that when I came across “The Ages Will Turn”, I was utterly surprised by its quality… the melodies, the riffs, the drumming, the solos & the vocals were there, making the final outcome dominant & fascinating. These Germans have studied their metal lesson truly well and they know how to blend classic metal, speed metal, power metal, heavy/thrash & melodic metal spotlessly. The polyphonic refrains, the heavy riffs along with the superb solos and the heavy rhythm section will make you turn the volume to the max! The production is heavy & powerful, as it should be, without being “retro” neither “modern”. The album was produced by the band’s leader & guitarist Marc Wüstenhagen and it was recorded, mixed and mastered at Dailyhero Recordings in Berlin, Germany (Emil Bulls, Drone, No Turning Back etc.). On the track “One Blood”, there’s a guest appearance by the guitarist Mate Bodor (Alestorm, Wisdom), as well as on “Mary Celeste”, where vocalist Der Schulz (Unzucht) participates.
It’s to wonder, in a time-period when too many mediocre & crap albums are released by small, average or big metal labels, how an album like “The Ages Will Turn” was released independently. Then again, if this is by choice, then I can only give kudos to the guys for choosing to do things their own way and not being under a label just for the sake of it. After all, a good album will always be good no matter if it is released independently or not. If you’re a heavy metal fan, then this album will win you from the very first listen, that’s for sure. All things considered, “The Ages Will Turn” is a well-crafted & captivating heavy metal album, which will make your head bang quite a lot during the listening time…