This Winter Machine - The Man Who Never Was

This Winter Machine The Man Who Never Was cover
This Winter Machine
The Man Who Never Was
Progressive Gears Records
This Winter Machine is a new band from the UK that was formed less than a year ago. The band consists of musicians that have shared the stages with great acts/artists such as Marillion, Uriah Heep, Uli Roth and so on. This is the first time these guys got together and they decided to form a prog rock band.
With such a variety & full musical background, the final outcome couldn’t be less than impressive and so it is. The main influences of the band come from bands like Marillion, Genesis, IQ, Porcupine Tree and Rush among others. Musically, they mostly approach the melodic, atmospheric and less complex side of prog rock music of the 70s & the 80s. And that’s exactly their strong card. This Winter Machine have managed to balance between their progressive and their melodic side wonderfully… something that hardly any other acts can do nowadays. Even if their melodious side takes the lead at places, it can only be characterized as magnificent since (prog) music lacks fine melodies in our time. The sound is smooth, lush and clear. Al, the vocalist, did the production.
“The Man Who Never Was” is a quite emotional & expressive album that you can “lose” yourself into its music and lyrics. It only features 5 tracks and lasts around 49 minutes. This is one of those prog rock albums that you’ll appreciate more with each listen. This Winter Machine is one of those bands that need more exposure and support by the prog rock fans, for they’re actually good at what they do. Concluding, I think that “The Man Who Never Was” is one of the most fascinating prog rock albums for 2017…