Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn

Summoning Old Mornings Dawn cover
Old Mornings Dawn
Napalm Records
Long time no see. Possibly, that’s how the band’s fans felt for Summoning’s 7-year hiatus. A number of them were anxious about the band’s future but hey the enigmatic, bizarre & twisted duo, Protector & Silenius, is still around offering us dark, psychotic, elusive, epic & shadowy soundscapes.
Summoning have crafted their own musical path over the years. They are the absolute sovereigns at their own game and they know better than anyone how to play it impeccably and satisfy those who are seeking gloomy, epic, metal, melodic, atmospheric, black & fantasy music. On “Old Mornings Dawn” the band blends ideas, themes and elements from their previous works such as: “Oath Bound”, “Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame” & “Stronghold”, creating a very well-balanced, epic & acclaimed album in general. This time the production is a tad “raw” with the guitars being more “murky” and “rougher”.
Keys play the major role here while the “epic multi-vocals”, when used, are creating some dim & stunning atmospheres. The melancholic & forlorn passages are still around adding some desperation to the whole outcome. I bet this is the music that Sauron listens when he unwinds in his spooky castle! Well-done Summoning, you have delivered another eerie album that could be echoed in every uncanny alley in Mordor…