RPWL - Beyond Man and Time

Beyond Man and Time
Beyond Man and Time
This is a brand new work for the German band after 4 years since “The RPWL Experience” in 2008. There have been some line-up changes… the new bassist of the band is Werner Taus… filling the group along with the drummer Marc Turiaux and the keyboardist Markus Jehle that has also appeared in RPWL’s compilation album “The Gentle Art Of Music” in 2010.
RPWL are diving deeper into the art/prog rock pool… having lots of atmospheric passages… influenced by Genesis, Pink Floyd, Marillion and Camel’s more mellow approaches… but also following the Porcupine Tree formula… when it comes to the song arrangements. Surely, they are one of the few bands that offer nice music and better themselves with every new album.
“Beyond Man and Time” is the first concept album of the band… RPWL’s story is based on Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”… where the protagonist is on a journey and meets various characters, partly adapted from Zarathustra, as means towards new insight. The basic idea in this is a so-called “revaluation of values” in terms of a new way of thinking… says the official info from the band. While the concept has many philosophical references, the songs that are mostly long (without becoming boring at all) have nice melodies, sentimental solos, smooth vocals, beautiful & atmospheric synth parts with the appropriate progressive rock touches. The production is very clear and has a “warm sound”… making the listening of the album very pleasant.
I know that “Beyond Man and Time” is an album that will “steal” your time if you decide to dive into its fantasy land… but do not be afraid to do so… for in the end, it will give you more… wonderful music pictures… than you can think of. After all, art/prog atmospheric music must… travel you… when listening to it… and RPWL has totally succeeded it with this album…