Moraz Alban Project - MAP

Moraz Alban Project MAP cover
Moraz Alban Project
Independent Release
Patrick Moraz (keys) and Greg Alban (drums) have been friends for lots of years, since the last one participated on Moraz solo album “Timecode” in 1984. I bet they have on their mind to cooperate in the future too, but you never know when the time is right. So now it was the apt time to release the first album of their music project, which simply is named after their last names.
What can I say about Moraz, who is more known for being a member of YES and The Moody Blues. The guy is a synth-master is truth to be told. The same goes for the extraordinaire drummer Alban, who has worked with notable artists such as: The Miracles, Denny Laine (Wings) and Mike Pinera (Blues Image and Iron Butterfly) among others. Without putting any music boundaries in their music, they both agreed to make an album that would satisfy them and would give em the apt space to unfold their talents. Moraz started composing & arranging the music of the debut album in his own studio in Florida and then the project moved to California, where it was further developed and recorded. What I like a lot in “MAP”, apart from Moraz’s amazing keyboard/melodic ideas and playing is the “freedom” that Alban has. He really shines on every track where he totally let his self-free not only to accompany Moraz but also to add his own drumming ideas on the tracks. Surely the drummers are gonna revel in this album, due to the drum ideas/playing, more than anyone else. Also the production is crystal clear and full.
On “MAP” also are participating John Avila (ex-Oingo Bongo) on bass, Lenny Castro (Fleetwood Mac, Elton John) on percussion, Matt Malley (Counting Crows) on Indian Slide Guitar, Patrick Perrier on bass and Dave VanSuch on tenor saxophone. They all add the something “extra” on each track they participate. The music on “MAP” is an amalgam of jazz/fusion, pop, rock, world music, prog rock, synth-pop & ambient. If you’re an open-minded music lover who fancies fine instrumental music, regardless the genre, then you should listen to “MAP” no matter what…