Masterplan - Aeronautics

Masterplan Aeronautics cover
AFM Records
Fans of the super-band Masterplan stop being anxious! Masterplan are back and they have released an album that will lead you straight to the stores again! Those who have listened to the amazing debut album know what to expect from the band. As for the rest, do not lose any more time, because you will surely love them and you ought to know the band that will rule the metal scene in the forthcoming years! This album is more mature than their debut, meaning that you will have to listen to it several times in order to get into it.
This album has only got one straight catchy song (“Back for My Life”) and that’s why the band decided to release this track as a single. The songwriting is still amazing, fresh and full of melodies, it includes great guitar solos, wonderful keyboards and amazing drumming! Now, that I mentioned the drumming, I must say that Uli Kusch has done an excellent job and you will understand this from the very first track. Let’s go to Jorn Lande (vocals) now who has given an amazing performance once again. Just listen to “Black in the Burn”, where Jorn sings with great passion and reveals all his abilities! The guitars by Mr. Roland Grapow are unique and there is nothing I can say about him, because all of you are aware of his technical skills, his passion and his talent. Andy Sneap has done a superb production for once again as it is so clean, powerful and heavy that many bands will get in queue in order to work with him! I must also mention that Roy Z helped the band when they had the first ideas for the new tracks. The album has a very good artwork, a wonderful booklet and the digipack limited edition CD includes a bonus track (“Treasure World”), a screen saver and wallpapers of the band. I was a little bit disappointed about this, because I expected something more since the limited edition of their debut album included one more CD with a video, an interview and a screen saver…
Listen to one of the most mature melodic metal/hard rock/power metal bands in our days and one of the best albums of 2005 and you will not regret it at all! If I had to choose some tracks from this CD I would choose: “Back for My Life”, “Headbanger’s Ballroom” and “Black in the Burn”.