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Jason Becker - Triumphant Hearts

Jason Becker has finally released “Triumphant Hearts”, an album that was written in his mind and he waited to make it real with the help of all his friends, known and unknown; from the most famed up to the utmost unknown one… they all played their role on this album and that’s what matters the most… people’s love and support can make anything possible!

Masterplan - Aeronautics

Fans of the super-band Masterplan stop being anxious! Masterplan are back and they have released an album that will lead you straight to the stores again! Those who have listened to the amazing debut album know what to expect from the band. As for the rest, do not lose any more time, because you will surely love them and you ought to know the band that will rule the metal scene in the forthcoming years! This album is more mature than their debut, meaning that you will have to listen to it several times in order to get into it.