IT - We’re All in This Together

IT We’re All in This Together cover
We’re All in This Together
Progressive Gears Records
IT is a London based neo-prog rock band that was formed in 1994. Having been around for 23+ years and having released 5 studio albums, including the new one, the Englishmen returned after an 8-year hiatus since their previous album “Departure”.
“We’re All in This Together” explores themes of austerity, inequality and an uncertain future for younger generations. Quite an up-to-date theme; it “tortures” various countries and their citizens, as we speak. Musically, IT have a strong taste for melodies and their neo-prog music is full of nice melodies & atmospheres, and melodic instrumental parts on the whole. There’s only one track that exceeds the 11 minutes, but it is so well-orchestrated and melodious that it won’t bore you for a sec. Other than that, the album has several well-crafted tracks that will satisfy the neo-progsters and not only, in general. The production is crystal clear & full.
Probably, “We’re All in This Together” showcases the band’s new era as they now powerfully enter the prog scene to claim all those lost years. And you know what? IT is a band that honors prog rock music and doesn’t fool around following any trends just to gain “likes” and “views”. We need “real” bands like IT that love the kind of music they represent and that’s more than obvious if you listen to their new album… and do so if you fancy melodic and atmospheric neo-prog rock music.