Inmost Ego - the End

Inmost Ego the End
This review is actually, one of those awkward situations, where you don’t know how to handle things, for fear of retaliation, through media, or by manipulation, because of the various ties of various people within a band with other people, within the scene.
Just because there’s this issue or possibility though, I cannot turn a blind eye and say that Inmost Ego’s “work really rocked my world”, just to be politically correct and to be good friends with people and for the sake of PR.
Inmost Ego, have been around for about 7 years now, releasing a demo and an EP that received some acclaim, through local media. “...To The End” is their formal debut, that at this stage doesn’t have a record label attached to it, but the band is on the constant lookout for one as they inform us on the press blurb.
To me there are 2 major issues, with the band. Firstly, this “debut” is the product of a “home studio” and that fact is clearly apparent. The drums have no real punch, the guitars, sound OK, but are rather thin and all I get is a booming, muddy, low end and Lina’s vocals, very high in the mix. The lady, either opts for a brutal delivery, that comes across like Lemmy doing death metal vocals and sounds quite forced, or goes for some clean vocals with weird intonation and quite a strong accent especially in the way, she pronounces vowels. In conjunction with her range, the result, is at least, bizarre.
The song ideas, are not necessarily bad, but the band’s agro-melodic style could use some refinement. While songs like “What If” and “Inmost Ego” have some good ideas, the result ain’t too great either, for of the reasons that have been aforementioned. “Nightflower” is interesting, with all the violins and strict, minimalist percussion, but them issues are still apparent and plaguing it. Same goes for “When Roses Fall”. Decent ideas alone, will not help you stay afloat in an international market where antagonism is high and where the levels of perfection attained by other artists are also of varying degree, but usually, on the upper part of the spectrum.
With a proper production and with another vocalist, or Lina, given a year or two of lessons, the band could be considered as an acceptable entry in the melodic modern alt-death genre, not a million miles away from Crematory circa “Awake”. Right now however, they can only eye the Crematory of the late 90’s with goggles. Sorry... but that’s the naked truth.