Eternal Idol - The Unrevealed Secret

Eternal Idol The Unrevealed Secret cover
Eternal Idol
The Unrevealed Secret
Frontiers Music Srl
I always fancy newcomers, especially when they are formed by well-known members of other bands. In this case, Eternal Idol features the famed vocalist Fabio Lione (ex-Rhapsody Of Fire, Angra), guitarist, keyboardist & songwriter Nick Savio (Hollow Haze), vocalist Giorgia Colleluori (Hollow Haze), bassist Andrea Buratto (Secret Sphere, Hell In The Club) and drummer Camillo Colleluori (Hollow Haze). I do think that this is quite a strong line-up, so the expectations from the fans should be really high.
Having two singers in a band may be sort of a “headache” at times, especially when these voices are truly wonderful and have their own “character”. Thankfully, Fabio’s voice combines wonderfully together with Giorgia’s. Fabio needs no extra presentation, as every metal fan knows that he’s a great vocalist & lyricist and his reputation precedes him. Then again, Giorgia is also an impressive & talented young vocalist that also teaches singing at the Music Village School in Portogruaro, Italy. Musically, the band blends symphonic metal, with melodic & power metal. There’s also a balance on the music mixture as well as between the two voices. Neither too symphonic and over the line, nor too “power metal”. Certainly, there are a few modern & classic elements thrown in the mix just to make the final outcome even more enthralling. Nick is responsible for the songwriting & the song arrangements as well as the production and Simone Mularoni (DGM, Sunstorm) has done the mixing. The production is lush & dominant.
Undoubtedly, Eternal Idol is a newly formed band that should keep on going no matter what. I know that this ain’t a one-album-thing and that’s the good part of it. Fabio, who is no longer with Rhapsody Of Fire, will have much more time to dedicate himself to the band and Nick will have no problem to have Eternal Idol as a priority, for this band has the potential to become truly successful over the years. I should not leave out of the game one of my favorite new female voices, Giorgia, who offers more than meets the eye to the band’s music. All things considered, “The Unrevealed Secret”, that will not be “revealed” as yet, but over the next releases, is one of the most imposing melodic symphonic power metal album for 2016… do not miss it if you fancy this kind of music!