Beledo - Dreamland Mechanism

Beledo Dreamland Mechanism cover
Dreamland Mechanism
MoonJune Records
José Pedro Beledo is an Uruguayan notable musician, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist in general, who released his newest album in early 2016 via the well-known NY based MoonJune Records. Beledo is fortunate enough to have on his debut release some guest appearances by celebrated musicians such as: Gary Husband (drums), Dewa Budjana (guitar), Lincoln Goines (bass), Tony Steele (bass) and Doron Lev (drums). The album was mixed by Beledo and the engineer Randy Crafton at Kaleidoscope Sound, Union City, NJ, and mastered by Mark Wingfield, Heron Island Studio, Cambridgeshire, England. The production is smooth and crystal clear.
Well it ain’t that hard to guess the music style of this album. It’s all experimental & full of improvisation… jazz-rock, jazz/fusion, smooth jazz & world music under a progressive prism. As with all the releases of this kind of music, the performances always come first. It’s very intriguing to hear gifted musicians, just like Beledo, express their virtuosic nature in such a challenging and thought-provoking way. Then again, this music style ain’t meant for the masses and it won’t be on any (web)radio  station or TV, but that doesn’t change the essence of this music to the slightest. It’s got its audience and there are a lot of musicians & artists that are longing for such stimulating releases on the whole.