Andromeda - II=I

Andromeda II=I cover
Century Media Records
Holy Shit!! This is it!! This is the progressive metal album I longed to hear for a long time!! To be honest I ignored the existence of the Swedish band (this is their second album), so it was quite a shock for me to listen to such a great piece of work! I’m overwhelmed by the same feelings I got when I first listened to Pain of Salvation’s “The Perfect Element”: surprise, admiration, shock and the urgent need to find a place to hide for neglecting the band that far! We are talking about progressive metal of the traditional type, mazy songs, unrivalled technique, the complete suggestion of a musical orgy, where Gods meet Evil, the rivers flow reversely, clouds are enthroned on earth’s surface, the mountains are buried in the sea, but everything seems so normal!
The band managed to create progressive metal, which despite its complicated nature, is driven by inspiration, creating thus astonishing songs. It is hard to describe their sound, but imagine a mixture of Gordian Knot, Mind Over Four, Sieges Even, Threshold and Leviathan, to understand what we are talking about. Ah yes, not to forget that one cannot have a prog metal band which is not influenced (directly and indirectly – here is the latter) by Dream Theater.
Talk is cheap in circumstances as such. The only problem is that this kind of music is for few... for elite listeners, as it is almost impossible to be embraced by the crowd. Who cares? The devoted minority of the progressive metal community found one more beacon to its dark path to deliverance!