Airbag - The Greatest Show on Earth

Airbag The Greatest Show on Earth cover
The Greatest Show on Earth
Karisma Records
I remember reviewing the band’s previous album, “All Rights Removed”, and closing the interview by saying that their next album would be very critical and I’d been longing to listen to it. Now, after spending more than a week “travelling” through atmospheric, gloomy, melancholic & moody places, I can actually say that “The Greatest Show on Earth” is the band’s most mature & complete album to date… an album which exceeded my prospects.
I know that there are a lot of bands which are trying to blend the (atmospheric & prog) Pink Floyd sound along with the progressive yet melancholic, dark & heavier parts of Anathema & Porcupine Tree. Many try to do so but only a handful of them can actually do it. Airbag haven’t changed their musical direction here. I would rather say that they have progressed, as every prog rock band has to and along the way, they managed to embellish their sound with additional melodic, moody, ambient & atmospheric passages.
“The Greatest Show on Earth” finds the band balancing among Pink Floyd, Anathema & Porcupine Tree. They have updated their songwriting and their melodies in a very refined way. Taking that Anathema have changed their late 90s sound for granted, Porcupine Tree are on ice (for quite some time) and Pink Floyd have not been around for many years now, they raise the hopes and the eagerness for “The Greatest Show on Earth”! I’ve listen to many albums and bands that also have that musical philosophy in the last couple of years but very few of them have that touching, stirring and inspiring music style that Airbag are delivering on their newest album. I’m sure the guys have spent quite some time on each & every track so as to make it as appealing as they could without losing their very own musical identity as well.
Pink Floyd’s spirit is all over this release. Airbag have been influenced by the best and yet they can claim that they successfully continue that great legacy left by those music giants. Having in mind how important the third album – for every band that has a certain vision about its music – is, I can definitely say that Airbag hit the spot and delivered an album which can enthuse those who missed the melancholic & atmospheric moments of Pink Floyd, Anathema & Porcupine Tree. With this album the fans of the aforementioned bands will find another act to bask in and appreciate its frank and heartfelt music on the whole. It’s impossible not to get lost inside this dusky, moody & dreamy “world” which has impeccably & in detail been crafted by Airbag. If you feel set & daring then it’s the perfect time to sense “The Greatest Show on Earth” in depth…