Zarthas – Spit/Ignite on June 7th 2013

Zarthas, the electrorockers from Oulu, Finland are back with their second album entitled “Spit/Ignite”. The album will be released via Violent Journey Records on June 7th 2013.
Band’s metal, electro and prog influenced hard rock is based on fiery compositions and lyrics that analyze the life of a tiny individual in a world where the system doesn't work. Will the world be better if the system is burned down? Or is its disability a consequence of something deeper? Something inside the individual him/herself? Spit/Ignite is a fire game stitching together musical extremities. It smolders at first, bursts into flames and leaves only the ashes.
Zarthas released their previous album in 2011 and since then the line-up has grown with a second guitarist now in their ranks. Ceekayed, an electronic musician from Oulu has also given his effort to “Spit/Ignite”. The band sounds more thicker and clearer than ever.
The album release party takes place on June 7th 2013 at Kuusisaari, Oulu with special guests Zenith Reunion and Teardown.For Zarthas, the show will be first of a kind with Flamegroup Fireflower, an abstract live show about state of an individual in society. Two very different forms of art, rock music and fire art collide and perform 
in alliance.
1. Playing With Fire
2. The Thread
3. Deep
4. The Great Shepherd of the Misled Men
5. Spit/Ignite
6. Taxidermic Soul
7. Instructions for a Perfect Nightmare
8. Burnt Shadows
9. Modern Day Dorian Gray
You can pre-order the album “Spit/Ignite” here.
Lauri Huovinen – Vocals, guitars
Sanni Huovinen - Keyboards
Jarmo Luttinen - Guitars
Pekka Junttila - Bass
Toni Virtanen - Drums