Sepvlcrvm to release “Vox in Rama” on May 9th 2016

Sepvlcrvm Vox in Rama cover
Esoteric Ritual duo Sepvlcrvm release cover artwork and album teaser of their forthcoming new work “Vox in Rama”.

Watch the album trailer below.

Sepvlcrvm “Vox in Rama” is a mystical ascent based on deep interpretations of primordial knowledge and Ancient scriptures. Working as a sonic incantation to a back-drop of bold religious imagery and iconography, this duo summons a haunting soundtrack of pure uncontaminated improvisation, whispering evocations, occult drones and hypnotic guitars.

“Vox in Rama” will be released on May 9th, 2016 by Argonauta Records and it will be available in a first limited edition CD A5 packaging.

Cover artwork and packaging cared by Marco Castagnetto.

Pre-orders run here.