San Leo to release new studio album “Mantracore” on November 13th 2020

San Leo Mantracore cover
Italian experimental fusionists, San Leo, have revealed the details about their upcoming, fourth album, titled “Mantracore”. Slated for a release on November 13th, 2020, via Bronson Recordings, “Mantracore” will see the duo - who is exploring all kinds of various music elements, from kraut-rock, psychedelic folk, free-form post-rock, obscure metal, electronica and ambient sounds - to channel all their energy and vision to a whole new level.

Ever since the band started in 2013, San Leo’s uncompromising and often unpredictable sound, has always been hard to label, while their powerful and evocative style could be described as a wild trip of wide dynamic range, tribal grooves, eerie crescendos and magmatic explosions. With their minimal instrumentation of guitar and drums, the band has never feared to cross any genre borders, they rather focus on pure, natural elements of soundscapes, but at the same time these two virtuosos deliver captivating, big grooves and heavy, hypnotic riffs!

Following constant touring and three highly acclaimed records to date, San Leo have been hard at work to always hone a sharp approach towards their sound and songwriting, creating space between glacial to incandescent, always drawing “the big picture” even through hypnotic repetition, often preferring subtraction rather than accumulation. This attitude and spirit has taken the band to a new level of confidence and intensity, ready to express a new musical vision after several months they have spent in the studio. Their upcoming, magnum opus, “Mantracore”, features 2 long compositions, titled “MM” and “Core”. It took San leo more than 7 months to record the album in separate sessions at the small Blue Audio Studio, surrounded by the Italian hillside.

“We felt that our first 3 albums sounded different from each other, but the "songs" were all written with a similar approach. In order to make something that would feel both different and personal at the same time, we initially tried to visualize the music as it was not a depiction or narration of a thing, but rather the thing itself. We started to try and actually visualize each piece not by jamming and discussing some riff or rhythm, but by seeing it as a whole organism, before focusing on all the different moments and moods. With this in mind, the album slowly came along pretty much like we envisioned it, one piece after another”, the band comments.

“After testing the pieces live for a year or so, we used a small studio with only a close friend of ours as the engineer, spending several months recording one layer after another (mainly with analog equipment), not rushing anything and taking all the time to listen and evaluate every single take. We sincerely think that our new album "Mantracore" will speak for itself”.

And it will, as the band just unleashed a first and promising album teaser! Dive into the mesmerizing sound of San Leo’s “Mantracore”, and listen to their brand new teaser below.

“Mantracore” will be coming out November 13rd 2020 as Vinyl, CD and in Digital formats, the pre-sale is now available here.

1. MM
2. Core