Lost In Grey to release debut album “The Grey Realms” on March 3rd 2017

Lost In Grey The Grey Realms cover
The finnish theatrical metal newcomers Lost In Grey shied the public so far. Founded back in 2013, the Finnish sextet around front man Harri Koskela entrenched themselves over the course of the last years to give their debut album “The Grey Realms” (out on March 03rd, 2017) the final polishing.

Today, the band revealed the cover artwork for this upcoming release. The artwork was created by guitar player Miika Haavisto and singer Anne Lill.

Lost In Grey states:
“Greetings all thee! You have seen the cast and glimpses from behind the scenes. If you were alert, you may have spotted: our cover art was also revealed. The creator of the cover is Mr. Haavisto, our guitar god, and the photo taken by Anne Lill - together they form our visual squad. These two are guided by passion and intuition, inviting you to join this extraordinary expedition. You see, "The Grey Realms" is more than its musical ingredients, some clues and guidelines can also be found in the visual elements. Besides the cover, in front of you is the track list. That’s all folks, for now the rest will be left in a mist. Yours sincerely, Lost In Grey”...

01. Waltz of Lillian
02. Road to Styx
03. Dark Skies
04. Revelation
05. The Order
06. New Horizon
07. The Grey Realms
08. Silence Falls

The debut album will be released on March 03rd, 2017, via NoiseArt.

Harri Koskela - Composer, vocals and keyboards
Anne Lill - Lyrics and vocals
Emily Leone - Vocals and violin
Miika Haavisto - Guitars
Aapo Lindberg - Bass
Joonas Pykälä-aho - Drums