Less Than Jake announces first live streaming show ever on December 11th 2020

Less Than Jake online show 2020 poster
Less Than Jake announced their first ever livestream performance taking place on December 11th from Gainesville, FL. Taking a cue from some of the television greats, the show is titled “Late Night with Less Than Jake” (it airs at 6:00pm EST - midnight European time).
“Late Night with Less Than Jake” promises to be one hell of a show, band will be performing a number of their classics as well as debuting songs from their newest album. With the promise of special surprise guests and a VIP option, full of exclusive content including extra live songs, acoustic versions, and full band interviews, the band is making sure this is one to remember. VIP Upgrade available here
“We present to you, "Late Night with LTJ", their first livestream event ever! They thought just playing to a bunch of cameras could be kinda weird, so they had to do some "stuff" to make the show more "them"! Super excited for this night, as it’s also their album release day! Come join us in the celebration! Less than Jake will be jamming some classic songs and you can bet they have a few surprises up their sleeves!”.
Last month the band gave fans a small taste of what to expect with their newest single “Lie to Me” along with its music video, and this show also marks the inauguration of their 9th studio album “Silver Linings” due out on December 11th, via Pure Noise Records.

The story of ska-rockin maestros Less Than Jake isn’t told in their sizable discography. It can’t be calculated by the amount of road miles they’ve logged. (But if we’re forced to calculate, we think they might be a block or two short of the Van Allen belts). Nah! Less Than Jake’s cumulative worth is all about what they bring to your party. From sweaty club shows to uproarious festival dates to opening up for America’s most beloved rock acts, these five lifers deeds are best measured in the smiles they’ve slapped on the faces of true believers and new listeners, alike.
“Silver Linings” is the name of the new Less Than Jake album, their first full-length for the Pure Noise label and the follow-up to 2013’s “See the Light”. It also doubles as a bunch of sonic diary pages and a mission statement that cements their conviction after two decades in this rock ‘n’ roll circus. Indeed, LTJ - frontman/guitarist Chris DeMakes, bassist/vocalist Roger Lima, trombonist Buddy Schaub, saxophonist Peter “JR” Wasilewski, and new drummer Matt Yonker - have escaped most (but not all) forms of ennui, depression and violence against screen-based objects to create an endorsement of humanity.
What else do you need to know about Less Than Jake in 2020? The band would tell you quite unpretentiously that they are here to bring a good time. Of course, LTJ would’ve said the exact same thing back in 1997, 2006, 2011 or 2018 when the Warped Tour’s punk ‘n’ roll roadshow was coming to an end. What makes things different now? Why, nothing less than a divided nation and a dangerous pandemic. Consider Less Than Jake the first responders when your psyche doesn’t think it wants to continue. Because we do need all the joy and levity a seasoned ska-punk band can dish out. The reality that LTJ are also feeling reminds us that some kind of triumph is within our reach.

Pre-order “Silver Linings” here.

1. The High Cost of Low Living
2. Lie To Me
3. Keep on Chasing
4. Anytime and Anywhere
5. The Test
6. Dear Me
7. Monkey Wrench Myself
8. King of the Downside
9. Lost at Home
10. Move
11. Bill
12. So Much Less