Blackboard Jungle - "The Great Hollywood Hustle" is out

Kenny, Britt and the Blackboard boys have teamed up with Demon Doll Records to bring you a blistering 20 song; 78 minute masterpiece entitled "THE GREAT HOLLYWOOD HUSTLE"! We went as deep into the Hollywood vaults as we could go to bring you some serious Blackboard Jungle rarities.
"We have never before released material, we have out of print material, we have songs from the "America Now" split release, we have B-Sides, we have Singles - you name it… it’s on this new CD"... says the band.
Arguably one of the Sunset Strip's biggest bands of the early 90's, Blackboard Jungle did not stop putting the pen to paper or hit the off switch in the studio after the release of "I like It Alot". The songs kept flowing and boys kept recording! They hammer out some serious thunder with the cuts "Minute", "Pollination", "Angry Young Boys" & "Love", flip the switch with the mind altering and unbelievable "Sister" and bring it all back to the Strip with "Laughing with you Again" - and that is just the tip of the iceberg! If you like BBJ then get ready to strap in for an overload of the senses as they are on their games and taking names.
The CD is sliver pressed, officially licensed from the band and exclusively available from Shipping Worldwide!
Grab your copies early and often as we will be opening the record at an introductory price of $12.99 for the first 2 weeks of release. You can get the album here.