Alberto Rigoni to release new solo album “Prog Injection” on June 7th 2019

Alberto Rigoni Prog Injection cover
After the release of seven solo albums between 2008 and 2018, Italian bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni (soloist, Bad As, co-producer of Vivaldi Metal Project, founder of Bassists Alliance Project,ex Twinspirits) is now going to release “Prog Injection”, an instrumental heavy progressive album, which features worldwide known drummer Thomas Lang (Peter Gabriel, Paul Gilbert, Glenn Hughes etc.) and Alessandro Bertoni on keyboards (Ric Fierabracci, Craig Blundell, Brett Garsed etc.)

Says Alberto Rigoni: “Again... I tried to bring my composition and bass to another level and, together with Thomas’ drumming and Alessandro’s keys, I think (and hope) we created a nique sound that I would call heavy prog!”...

Comments Thomas Lang:
“This album is a gritty, riff-heavy and progressive instrumental album that draws inspiration both from classic 70s Prog and 21st century Rock and Metal music. This fusion of styles makes for an interesting combination and I enjoyed driving these songs with heavy grooves that are rooted in traditional Rock, Funk and Metal. The album is full of hooky bass riffs, muscular beats and ethereal keyboards played with tons of personality and attitude”.

Established drummer Thomas Lang shows his extensive skills on the kit. He is also well known for his collaboration with music greats such as Peter Gabriel, Paul Gilbert, Glenn Hughes etc.

Alessandro Bertoni provides many atmospheric moments on the keys. Listeners already know his enormously multi-faceted art by participating at musicians like Ric Fierabracci, Craig Blundell and Brett Garsed.

For “Prog Injection” the playful maestro has launched a special Fundraising campaign - 20% of the target sum will be donated to a charitable cause, here.

02. Metal Injection
03. Blood Shuga
04. Death Stick
05. Omega
07. Low and Disorder
08. Iron Moon

Italian visionary Alberto Rigoni, a dedicated composer and addicted to bass guitar, never stops being creative. Also being bass player in the bands Bad As (Metal) and The Italians (Britalia' Pop Rock), the technically accomplished and equally soulful string virtuoso gains rapidly audience in the international music scene for inventive and atmospheric genre-crossing compositions. Alberto Rigoni paints alluring instrumental heavy progressive-soundscapes comprehensible to wide varieties of listeners. Alberto was also a member of the progressive band Twinspirits, which released three albums.

Famous musicians like Gavin Harrison and Kevin Moore joined his solo project. Alberto Rigoni is also co-producer of the Vivaldi Metal project and bassist of Kim Bingham. The upcoming new solo album with the well framing title “Prog Injection” shows the refined art of the Italian in absolute perfection.